2024 NBA Finals: 5 questions on a Celtics-Mavericks duel worth the wait

The NBA mountaintop is now accessible after two blink-and-you-missed conference finals.  

The 2024 NBA Finals will begin at TD Garden on Thursday, June 6, at 8:30 p.m. ET with the Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics playing the Western Conference champion Dallas Mavericks.  

If you checked a calendar recently, “Thursday, June 6” is a week away. Yahoo Sports is considerate and will provide a variety of writing, podcasts, and videos to prepare you for the 2023-24 NBA season finale.  

For now, we offer an amuse-bouche, not a series preview, to snack on before dinner.   

As we prepare for Celtics-Mavericks and the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, here are some thoughts:  

Boston was fortunate in the Eastern Conference playoffs. 

After a series of injuries, the Celtics faced a Miami Heat team without longtime rival Jimmy Butler, a Cleveland Cavaliers team without ace rim protector Jarrett Allen, and All-Star point......

.....guard Donovan Mitchell and reserve guard Caris LeVert, before facing an Indiana Pacers team that played the final 2.5 games without All-NBA facilitator Tyrese Haliburton.  

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