Alchemist Cracks Cap'n Crunch Joke When Asked About Kendrick Lamar Using His Beat for “Meet the Grahams”

Alchemist had a shocking comment when asked about Kendrick Lamar borrowing his beat for the blistering Drake diss hit "Meet The Grahams."  

Alc answered fan questions on X on Tuesday. Questlove told a fan that he didn't realize K Dot would use one of his beats in his rivalry with Drake.  

Questlove made it known that you weren’t aware Kendrick was going to use your beat for meet the graham’s," an X fan said.  

Did Kendrick's action disturb you? You comfortable with questlove giving us that info?"  

Alchemist momentarily clarified that he wasn't offended by Lamar's use of the rhythm, but joked that he was "livid," about a revelation he made regarding Cap'n Crunch cereal and the mascot's real name.  

Nah but i was extremely bothered and downright livid when i realized that all these years i did not know that Cap'n Crunch's full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch," said Alchemist.  

Drake released "Family Matters" last month before Kendrick published "Meet the Grahams".   

He wrote an open letter to some of the 6 Gods family members, accusing Drake of hiding another child.  

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