Bronny James' girlfriend's response to his cardiac arrest: Who is Peyton Gelfuso?

The kid of LeBron James fainted during a USC practice this week following a heart episode.  

Before being taken by EMS to the hospital, the training staff restarted his heart while he was unconscious.  

James worked out after committing to USC. He wants to play in the NBA soon, but he must show himself in college and pass medical tests.  

James and Peyton Gelfuso were spotted together at their Sierra Canyon high school prom, suggesting they are dating.  

Gelfuso is unknown, however she may be dating LeBron's son.  

On Thursday, she was photographed exiting a car in black leggings and a workout top for the first time since Bronny's health concern.  

Gelfuso attends Southern Methodist University in Texas and splits time between LA and Texas. She's kept quiet about James' health crisis.  

Good news: James was released from the hospital on Thursday.  

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