Bruce Springsteen, Billie Joe Armstrong, Bleachers Cover Jesse Malin Songs for Tribute Album

Bruce Springsteen, Billie Joe Armstrong, Lucinda Williams, and Wayne Kramer collaborate on Silver Patron Saints: The Songs of Jesse Malin, a Sept. 20 homage to the New York songwriter.   

Jack Antonoff and Bleachers' cover of Malin's "Prisoners of Paradise" promotes the record, which helps him recover from a May 2023 vertebral stroke.  

Bleachers' version of “Prisoners of Paradise” sounds lo-fi, unlike Malin's 2007 album Glitter in the Gutter.  

“Well, I had super heroes, silver patron saints/I've seen the movie/I even made that face,” Antonoff sings to start the album-title tune.  

“This record is also a dynamite and long-overdue awareness project, non-stop star time in vigorously personal twists on behalf of a great rock & roll songbook,” writes longtime Malin admirer David Fricke of Silver Patron Saints.  

From childhood, observation, and more, Jesse Malin knows about scars. All have stories, and he's not done.   

The crew from the pub returns to the stage to celebrate the composer and his narrative.  

Other musicians on the album include Elvis Costello, the Hold Steady, Tom Morello, Counting Crows, Dinosaur Jr., the Wallflowers, Spoon, Susanna Hoffs, Frank Turner, Rancid, Tommy Stinson, and Alison Mosshart.  


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