Dani Rose Enters New Era by Hosting a Funeral for Herself in 'Good Mourning' Music Video — Watch! (Exclusive)

Right now, the old Dani Rose is unable to answer the phone. Why? She's passed away!  

Rose's music video for "Good Mourning" will premiere exclusively on PEOPLE on Tuesday, June 4.  

The up-and-coming country music artist formally invites fans to her old self's funeral in the music video, stating that she is "out of her misery now that she's RIP!"  

Preston Leatherman directed the music video, which opens with an enigmatic Rose leaning on her Ford Bronco and a body in the rear of the vehicle.  

She eventually changes completely as she prepares for her own funeral.  

"You're invited to my funeral/Bring some flowers and a chicken casserole/The sun is rising and the rain is pouring/I'm not sorry baby/This is good mourning," she belts out in the chorus.  

"We are gathered here today/To grieve the loss of a dead weight/To honor everything she gave/To sing and dance around her grave."  

The singer-songwriter claims in a statement to PEOPLE that this song "symbolizes a new era in my life and music career."  

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