Jennifer Connelly Remembers Her 2002 Oscar Speech 'Panic': My 'Complete Shutdown'

Jennifer Connelly recalls being startled by her Oscars triumph.  

A Beautiful Mind's 2002 Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner said on The Drew Barrymore Show that she felt “panic” giving her acceptance speech.  

“For me, I think I [had a] complete shutdown, like, panic,” said 53-year-old Connelly. “I was anxious and overwhelmed.”  

“I remember looking out at the audience full of extraordinary people and seeing it say 40 seconds, and there's a monitor that tells you how long you have to speak,” she said. “I saw it and I think I'm just shocked.”   

She said she felt out-of-body all night. She said "I was kind of floating gliding into it arriving there," but having her dad as a guest grounded her.  

“I went with my dad, which was quite special, and he tethered me somewhat,” she recalled.  

A Beautiful Mind won Best Picture, Best Director (Ron Howard), and Best Adapted Screenplay.  

Costar Russell Crowe was nominated for Best Actor, editing, original music, and makeup.  

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