Taylor Swift Eras Tour fans wear adult diapers: Reddit's top bathroom break songs  

Friendship bracelets and light sticks aren't Swifties' favorite Eras Tour accessories. Swifties will try anything to catch her performance.   

Fans have admitted to wearing adult diapers, fueling social media disputes about whether a 10-15 minute toilet break is worth missing the show.   

Discussion is rife ahead of the Cruel Summer singer's Scottish tour.  

Taylor Swift devotion is on another level—Swifties are tweeting on TikTok about carrying adult diapers to the Eras Tour to catch every song.  

After posting the video of fans discussing the merits and downsides of wearing adult diapers to the event, a user posted on X (previously twitter).  

The reason? After paying a lot for tickets and waiting in line for hours in terrible temperatures, they don't want to miss Taylor's performance while waiting in line for the restroom.  

 A X fan commented, "Tryna figure out how tf I’m supposed to not pee for 3 and a half hours when I see Taylor Swift and the only thing I can think off is too wear adult nappies xoxox."  

 A commenter questioned the practice of Swifties wearing diapers during the Eras tour to prevent missing any songs.  

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