Taylor Swift's Male Dancers on Tour Are Said to Have Threatened Travis Kelce

Long distance may cause jealousy, and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may be no exception.  

A fresh story claims the NFL star feels frightened by Taylor's male backup dancers as she tours the world on her record-breaking Eras tour.  

“He trusts Taylor but that doesn't mean he's fine seeing her surrounded by all these hot guys,” a source told Life & Style.   

He's a macho, Alpha-male person whose ego gets stimulated easily, and even if these people can't compete with her, he still becomes envious, especially when he sees her getting attention.  

They said, “He comes from the old-school mentality where other men are automatically competition so of course this gets under his skin, even if they work for her.  

You can guarantee he'll encourage her to employ only female dancers for her next tour.”  

Travis may not be alone in jealousy. Previous reports suggested Taylor has tight rules for her partner, even more so when touring separates them.  

“Pals are saying now that Taylor and Travis are more than six months into their relationship, she feels comfortable setting certain rules for him to follow,” Life & Style reported.   

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