The Acolyte Ratings: 4.8 Million Viewers, Biggest Disney Show of 2024

“The Acolyte,” Disney+'s new Star Wars series, had 4.8 million views on its first day. Disney says this is the streamer's biggest 2024 series premiere.  

Although Disney reported that “Ahsoka,” the next Star Wars series, reached 14 million views in five days, its first-day viewership is unknown.   

The average daily viewership is 2.8 million, 2 million lower than “The Acolyte.  

(A “view” is the number of hours each title is watched divided by its runtime.)  

Variety reporter Alison Herman compares “The Acolyte” to “Andor” and “The Last Jedi” for its “willingness to put its own spin on hallowed lore.”   

The series was "propelled by plentiful action, much of it hand-to-hand combat heavily inflected with martial arts," according to her review.   

But the action is founded in conflict with great and little stakes for characters we rapidly care about.”  

According to the official synopsis, “The Acolyte” is “an investigation into a shocking crime spree that pits a respected Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) against a dangerous  

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